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Crafting Distinctive Luxury For Your Space

Semi-Precious Stone Slabs

Experts in Stone Processing: We focus on semi-precious stone slabs, specializing in the exquisite beauty of Lapis Lazuli. Our commitment lies in delivering top-notch quality. Lapis Lazuli Elegance: Explore our finely crafted, durable Lapis Lazuli slabs with unique patterns. Choose from a variety of sizes to create bespoke designs for your space.”

Production Excellence And Innovation

We lead as the primary producer of Lapis Lazuli, Marble, Onyx & Jade slabs, ensuring efficient bulk production. Our mission is to set new excellence standards with diverse finishes for varied preferences and market demands.

Noble Luxury Decorative Items

Luxury Craftsmanship: Gharany Stonex creates handcrafted decor, featuring Lapis Lazuli’s timeless grandeur. Our bespoke solutions bring your vision to life, embodying natural beauty and cultural significance.

Guided By Integrity, Fueled By Innovation: Where Excellence Meets Respect

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About Us

At Gharany Stonex, we’ve dedicated ourselves to one singular mission: celebrating the timeless beauty of Lapis Lazuli. Our journey is driven by a passion for this exquisite gemstone, and our commitment to exceptional quality, craftsmanship, and customer satisfaction knows no bounds.

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CEO Message

Join Gharany Group on a bold journey to fuel Afghanistan’s economic growth, provide lasting value, and make a positive impact on communities and the environment. Embrace authenticity, courage, and innovation as we redefine possibilities for a prosperous, responsible, and compassionate future. Your participation isn’t just welcome; it’s essential. Together, we can make a significant and lasting difference.

– Ahmadyar Gharany | CEO, Gharany Group of Companies