About Us

Who We Are

Gharany Stonex, a distinguished member of the Gharany Group of Companies, stands out as one of Afghanistan’s premier factories specializing in the processing and production of precious and semi-precious stones. The journey began with a primary focus on lapis lazuli, marble, onyx, and jade stones.

Seamlessly venturing into crafting exquisite products such as stone slabs, furniture, and decorative items, Gharany Stonex showcases a perfect blend of tradition and innovation. These creations, designed for use in the construction of palaces and residences, reflect the company’s commitment to quality.

Gharany Stonex ambition extends beyond craftsmanship, aiming to boost Afghanistan’s exports with refined products that meet global standards. Renowned for their decorative items, including statues and trophies, the company has earned recognition from both national and international clients. With a dedication to excellence and sophistication, Gharany Stonex welcomes the opportunity to fulfill orders with a touch of unmatched craftsmanship.


Our mission is to seamlessly blend tradition and innovation in crafting exquisite and elegance products. We strive to contribute significantly to the nation’s industrial landscape and elevate Afghanistan’s exports, positioning our domestic production market at par with global standards.


Our vision at Gharany Stonex is to be a global ambassador of Afghan craftsmanship, recognized for our unwavering commitment to excellence and innovation. We aim to continually expand our portfolio, diversifying into various artistic creations that harmoniously fuse cultural tradition with contemporary innovation.