Beyond quality

Our commitment to excellence goes beyond delivering quality.

Lapis Lazuli

  • Deep blue with golden pyrite flecks, like a starlit sky
  • Whispers tales of ancient royalty and mystical allure
  • Perfect for kitchen islands, bathroom walls, or fireplace surrounds


  • Carved by eons of pressure and sculpted by skilled hands
  • A palette of breathtaking hues, from white to rich emerald
  • Unique masterpiece, perfect for living rooms or entryways


  • Layers of translucent white, charcoal grey, and honeyed amber
  • Creates a sense of depth and drama
  • Perfect for dining tables, accent walls, or countertops


  • Cool, celadon green or vibrant apple green
  • Whispers stories of strength and serenity
  • Perfect for bathroom countertops or Zen gardens